Squirrels from around the world (pt 1)

At Red Squirrel Education we love squirrels. All sorts of squirrels. We even want to see the grey squirrels thrive – but back in America where they belong and certainly not here in the British Isles where they are catastrophic for our lovely native red squirrels.

The Giant Squirrel in Sri Lanka
The Giant Squirrel in Sri Lanka

I came across this photo I took of an Indian Giant Squirrel. I saw it in a tree in Sri Lanka not India, just near the famous tourist spot of Sigiriya. Much bigger than a red or even a grey that we find in the United Kingdom, the Giant Squirrel has a particularly long tail and nice colourings.

Have you seen different squirrels in different parts of the world? Why not let us know and upload your photos here too?

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