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Olivia Kennaway

self-portraitThe Red Squirrel Education Pack was written by Olivia Kennaway who grew up at Escot Park in Devon where there is a Red Squirrel Enclosure for conservation purposes. Olivia initially created the Red Squirrel Education Pack for her final major project in her Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Degree; the striking photography of red squirrels in the pack is all her own work.

Her passion for the conservation cause led to her developing the Red Squirrel Education Pack further for actual use in KS2 classrooms. With input from experienced teachers, the Red Squirrel Education Pack has evolved to become the ideal way to educate the young of Britain about some very important natural world issues, key to the wildlife heritage of our island nation. Students are consistently captivated and inspired by Olivia’s beautiful still images of the squirrels. The thought-provoking varied activities then inspire them to learn more about their own role in preserving the native British red squirrel.


Richard Kitzinger

photoA former teacher, Richard has brought his experience as a classroom practitioner to the Red Squirrel Education Pack. He has joined the project both in an editorial capacity and to take care of Marketing and Sales.

He had never seen a British Red Squirrel until he went into the enclosure at Escot and is now very keen to see one in the wild – a true convert to the Red Squirrel Conservation cause!

Richard is the Education Manager at Wildwood Escot near Ottery St Mary in Devon.


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